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About the podcast

A work for progress

We at the Breakthrough Institute are committed to identifying novel solutions to environmental problems, and to moving beyond the tribalism and polarization that too often blocks those solutions today. By sitting down with some of the world’s leading thinkers on energy, climate, conservation, food and farming, and human development — like-minded and not — we hope to begin to move these conversations in more pragmatic directions. Let us know how we're doing and what you think; we're @TheBTI on Twitter.

About the staff

Alex Trembath


Ecomodernist. Promethean Hamiltonian Schumpeterian meliorist podcast host.

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Tali Perelman


Tali once had a baby goat named after her, which is probably the second-most exciting moment in her life. Her first-most exciting is learning about how to solve environmental problems from the podcast guests. Catch her very discretely gasping in the background of these recordings. 

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Alyssa Codamon


As a kid, Alyssa was obsessed with taking apart her electronic toys to understand how the wires worked. It was only fitting that she’s built a career in media where she can fidget with wires to her heart’s content. Her passion is telling stories that explore how we stay connected, even as we move into a wireless world and beyond. To her mother’s relief, she now also understands how to put things back together again.

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